Bluegrass Blend

This sod is a hybrid bluegrass blend containing 50% Thermal Blue and 50% Solar Green Bluegrasses. (See above for Thermal Blue information.) Solar Green, like Thermal Blue, is a hybrid bluegrass that tolerates heat better than other Kentucky Bluegrass varieties growing in the transition zone of the United States. Solar Green has a medium green color and a finer leaf blade than most fescues. Solar Green shows more rhizome activity than Thermal Blue which makes it a more aggressive grass and able to repair itself quicker.

Maintenance Tips

Hybrid Bluegrass is a cool season grass that is green through out most of the year, much like fescue. Hybrid Bluegrass was developed to withstand the heat of summer better than traditional bluegrass varieties. Irrigation is a must during summer months to maintain a quality lawn. Mowing height for Hybrid Bluegrass is best at 1 to 2 and fertilize applications are recommended for spring and fall.

All information is based on average/normal conditions; individual sites and situations may differ.